Trailhead Hoodie

$ 166.968
$ 116.878 30% OFF

"The Trailhead Hoodie is a part of the Deus Ex Machina Gramicci Capsule Collection. We’re extremely stoked to introduce our second collaboration with Gramicci. Founded in 1982, Gramicci grew to iconic status thanks to their innovative climbing pants featuring a Bruce Lee-inspired gusseted inseam, and a built-in nylon belt. It’s undeniable that when you slide into a pair of Gramicci pants, shorts or skirt, you put on over 30 years of innovation, experience, and industry leadership. Deus and Gramicci’s pillars revolve around a passion and enthusiasm for outdoor activities. From the mountain to the city, or from bike to surf – a shared love for doing rather than owning is what makes this collaboration such a natural fit."

Selecciona Color - Black.

Código Artículo: DMF218099


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